Hello everyone,
I proudly present to you the long-awaited follow-up of my successful trivia book “1123 Hard to Believe Facts“. This time the facts are better explained.
My first attempt in the field of trivia books turned out to be a huge success. 1123 Hard to Believe Facts was read by tens of thousands and accumulated hundreds of reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, averaging 4.4* (out of 5). It has remained in the Top 10 of its category for almost two years now and it is definitely time for the next one.

This time, the volume of information remains the same, while the number of facts goes down. This allowed me to better explain each fact – a repeated request by my readers.

Facts are cool. I simply love them. To my greatest satisfaction, it turns out that many people worldwide share the same passion. Enjoy the freshest compilation of facts, carefully selected to be entertaining and true!


The chapters will be as follows:

  • “Unbelievable facts about virtually everything”
  • “Disturbing facts about our world”
  • “Facts about human and animal sexuality”
  • “Myth vs. Fact”


Fact or not?

Talking about facts, you probably know that:

Raindrops have a ‘raindrop’ shape.

Turbot is born with two eyes on the top side.

Most people in India are Buddhists.

The term “Third World” is related to poverty.

Centipedes have 100 legs.

Killer whales are a species of whales.

Which of the above is not true? How would you feel if I told you that they were all myths? All the facts selected for the book are being thoroughly checked. The verification itself took me hundreds of hours, but it was really worth it.


The book has been successfully funded via Kickstarter.


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