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The book will be a strong and faithful ally preventing social awkwardness by arming you with plenty of icebreaking pieces of trivia, suitable for any occasion. You can use it to organise pub or family quizzes, or use it as a prep tool to give you the edge when participating in these.

My goal was to write a quiz book that would stand out with interesting, educational and fun content; a book that would both entertain and challenge. The concept is based on the well-known multiple choice format, with an added twist by introducing the “Which is NOT true?” approach for the half of the questions. This approach has its merit in allowing you to learn two crazy facts about people, places or animals by answering a single question.


The book is not meant to be “your go-to” book for facts. I assure you however that it is loaded with fun and verified facts presented in a manner that can provide you with hours of entertainment. All the material is fresh, and is not simply recycled from my previous publication. Life is too short to settle for the run-of-the-mill. This book will show you just how fantastical and funny the real world is.


“Which Is NOT True? – Тhe Quiz Book” has been successfully funded on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter (103% funded by 40 backers).


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Which is not True? by Nayden Kostov

Which is not True?

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