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COVER_3DI admit that most trivia books out there are insufferably boring. Mine is different, packed with interesting, educational and fun facts; it seeks to entertain as well as to challenge. The book will provide you with never-ending intellectual ammunition for a lifetime of parties. You will find inside plenty of facts, which you could use as an icebreaker in various social situations. You could easily monetise the acquired knowledge in pub quizzes or impress your friends. 😉


Chapters are as follows:

  • “Unbelievable facts about virtually everything”
  • “People (and animals) are awesome”
  • “Disturbing facts about our world”
  • “Facts about human and animal sexuality”
  • “You have been warned – don’t try this at home”
  • “Debunked myths or unsubstantiated urban legends”

NaydenAll the facts selected for the book are thoroughly checked. The process of verification itself has taken me 400 hours.

“1123 Hard to Believe Facts” has been successfully funded on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter (101% funded by 93 backers).


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1123 Hard to Believe Facts by Nayden Kostov

1123 Hard to Believe Facts

by Nayden Kostov

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Amazon and GoodReads testimonies:

… Definitely a book to get, especially for kids and curious people who are always chasing the extravagant facts to drop into a conversation!!

… Great book! Interesting facts presented in a captivating way. Would definitely recommend it as a fun gift idea or just for one’s own interest …

… I have read many articles about such facts and there are quite a few apps which claimed to introduce people to some stunning facts. But this book has interested me more. This is a kind of book you’d want to keep with you if you want to surprise your friends …

… One Additional Fact: HARD TO BELIEVE is HARD TO PUT DOWN …

… Over a thousand facts, which, like opening a bag of candy, you say to yourself “just one more” until, all too soon, there are no more. Fills your brain, not your belly. At least it’s non-fattening and sugar free …

… Looking for something funny and refreshing to read in your spare time? Try this one 😉 Some of the facts sound really crazy and unbelievable – apparently they seem to be true…!

… Funny, clever and rich in knowledge – this would be the best way to describe this book. Regardless of whether you are at home, on holiday or even in the bus / subway, it’s a very pleasant read – and this is also what makes the book great. Some of the facts described are fascinating and make you think twice about the ideas presented. Highly recommended.

… Very interesting and intriguing. Most of the facts are so amazing so had to do my own research for a few of them – all confirmed true 😉 Well organized and easy to read. Love it!

… The whole family spent countless hours with this amusing book. So many surprising facts and unbelievable stories. A “must carry” on a relaxing holiday.

… This is one of those books I will never get tired of! Well conceived, easy to read and absolutely a must have, if you wanna ace the summer trivia games!

… Properly fact checked. An absolute gem of a volume!

… Easy to dip in and out off …


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